Sometimes our dog leashes will tear and lose their clasp. In other cases, the strap clasp rusts, or breaks. Whatever the case, you will need to purchase a new clasp for your leash that fits the weight and size needs of your pet. For this reason, we have included several types of dog leash clasps you can use to replace the damaged or lost.

Today’s clasps are made with the best quality materials, such as stainless steel and zinc. This is because manufacturers of pet products must ensure that they only use the highest quality components in the products they sell. Also, because owners are looking for clasps made of quality materials and that perform as intended.

Bolt Snaps:

The most common type of leash closure for dogs is the bolt snap.

Bolt Snaps with Swivel-head

A bolt snap with a swivel-head has a head that swivels around the bolt of the snap. This allows the head of the clasp to rotate when the dog or cat moves. The swivel head bolt clasp is the most popular clasp for dog leashes. You can find these types of clasps of different sizes and materials depending on the size of your pet.

The rotating head gives you more versatility to handle different types of pets. However, the movement of the twist clasps produces friction that can result in wear and tear over time. Complying with the Recommended Standards for clasps is a very important factor to consider when purchasing a dog leash clasp.

On the market, there are clasps of various styles. The following is an example of a swivel head clasp. These snap clips are made of metal alloy, nice and thick metal. Super sturdy, enough to use for big dogs.


Types of Dog Leash Clasps



Equipped with a full 360 degree capable swivel to prevent tangling the chain. The clips can be opened easily by pull down the edge, the D-ring cannot be open, just attach the leashes in it. See this product here.

Bolt Snaps with Fixed-head

A fixed-head Bolt Snaps has a head that does not move or rotate. The main benefit of this snap is that it has a stronger Safe Working Load, versus the swivel-eye snap hook. Although it does tend to be a stronger snap, the fixed head does not offer the flexibility or freedom of movement some manufacturers seek in their products. This bolt snap variety is most useful for large dogs that pull.

Here is an example of Bolt Snaps with Fixed head from Koch. This model is designed for use with ropes, chains, and pet leashes. Supports a maximum load of 80-pounds.


Bolt Snaps with Fixed-head



The spring-loaded design with screws provides a secure closure, and you can easily open it with your thumb. It is also quite useful for surfing and for securing cables or ropes.

Trigger Clasp Snap Hook:

If your pet is a large dog, it is best to use trigger safety hooks. This is one of the best dog leash clasps. This type of clasps looks like a mountain climber’s carabiner. They are quite safe and you can open them easily thanks to the small trigger.

Here is a good example of this type of clasp. This trigger lobster clasp is made of rust and corrosion-resistant zinc alloy material. Overall length is 2.1 “, internal width is 1” (26mm), please choose the correct size you need. You can choose between gunmetal, bronze, and silver colors.

Trigger Clasp Snap Hook



The brand DGOL uses a special new technology plating process to make a really shinning color. In addition to dog leashes, it can be used for webbing, straps, wires, cords, handbags, and so.

Double Ended Bolt Snap Hooks:

The double-ended snap hooks are another choice. These kinds of clasps can be used in different ways. Can be used to make a quick, reversible connection on a system of ropes, or to connect a rope or cord to another component.

Here we present an example of this type of double-ended snap hooks. The double-ended snap hooks from SHONAN.SYSTEMS are made of 316 stainless steel. The most common uses for snap hooks are in pet leashes, key chains, straps, horse tack, and other home or farm applications, and in some boating applications as attaching boats to moorings.

Double Ended Bolt Snap Hooks



These bolt snaps also have greater strength and hardness than other common steel snap hooks (do not load more than 50kg). Finally, the SHONAN brand offers a one-year satisfaction guarantee.

Lobster Clasps Hooks

Lobster Clasps Hooks are simple and practical to use. This type of clasps comes with a good flexible, permanent internal steel spring securely locks gate closed automatically, easy to open and close.

Here we present an example of this type of clasps from the Shells group brand. They are made from superior polished zinc alloy material that will not rust or fade with time. Sturdy design with 22.5KG tensile force.

Lobster Clasps Hooks



Ideal for dog leashes, paracord bracelets, handbag accessories, keyring accessories, key chains, and much more. Easy to open and close. A great choice for small pets.

Bolt Snaps with Antique Brass:

Finally, we include the bolt snaps with antique brass. They Work in the same way as trigger clips snap hooks, but with classic style. The classic lobster snap hook with a spring-close gate offers extra security.

Bolt Snaps with Antique Brass



A great option for classic things lovers. Fits dog leashes, shoulder bags, and backpacks.


There are several types of Dog Leash Clasps that exist on the market. You must choose the one that best suits your needs and those of your pet. Bolt snaps with Swivel-head are the most recommended for large dogs. For small and medium dogs you can choose any of the other options. See you soon!