There are many people that wouldn’t think twice on spending lots of money to please their pets. A lot of companies are benefiting from this opportunity to create beautiful collars that would delight all people including the most demanding of pet owners. Among the most luxurious collars are the ones made of gold, silver or any other expensive metals, encrusted with precious and semi-precious gems like rubies, sapphires as well as other crystals. Today we want to help you find the best option, within a list of 5 fancy female dog collars.

Finding the ideal fancy dog collar for you can be a very exhausting task since you must go to the boulevard and choose the best product among a lot of stores and hundreds of sellers who believe they have the best option always. But, choosing the best collar for your pet should not be such a complicated task, you should only inform yourself well and choose the product that best suits what you and your pet need.

Our team has made a thorough review of a series of luxury collars so you can select the best one and here we bring them:


Fancy Female Dog Collars Top 5 List:


5. Rhinestone Dog Collar Pet Puppy Cat Crystal



A gorgeous collar created of comfortable velvet materials with diamond bling. Its appearance gives a touch of luxury to any pet that wears it. This nice collar is a fantastic decoration for your dog at party time days. It is made for cats and small and medium dogs.


• Cheap price.
• Superior quality rhinestone collar.
• Looks incredible in your pet.


4. Fancy 3 Row Pearls Diamond Pet Cat Dog Necklace Collar




If you are searching for fancy female dog collars of high quality and handmade, PetFavorites (TM) pet collar will probably be your best option. An ideal collar for those who like jewelry, especially pearls. With excellent finishes, high-quality imitation pearls, and 28 imitation diamonds.

With an easy-to-use adjustable jewelry brooch, is perfectly suitable for a weekend party costume or perhaps a fantastic gift for marriages and vacations. It’s also perfect for dogs of small breeds and cats. The company presents Various options of colors and sizes and the size of each pet is unique.


• Adjustable easy-to-use jewelry brooch.
• Sophisticated, well made, the zirconia crystals are very sparkly and the pearls are very nice too.
• Quality product


3. Cat Collar Bow Tie with Breakaway Safety Bracelet




If you are tired of cheap plastic materials that are not comfortable for your pet, this nice collar of Pettsie is your perfect choice. This great collar is Light, modern, and feminine. With a small wood bow tie to make your pet look elegant and adorable. Ideal for small dogs and cats.

If you are looking for fancy dog collars for female dogs, the pink color is the one that best suits your pet, however, they also have it in light blue for males. Also, it’s very comfortable to wear, very soft, very light, and made of 100% resistant cotton. The natural wooden bow tie is small enough to not disturb your pet at all. The collars are easy to adjust from 8 to 11 inches, the bracelet is simply adjustable from 5.9 inches to 9.1 inches.


• Easy Adjustable Size
• Looks amazing on your pet
• Natural, comfortable and durable cotton that lasts longer
• Breakaway necklace for your pet’s safety
• A perfect gift for all dog or cat lovers


2. Dog Collar and Matching Bracelet Set – Vegan Leather Funky




A funky and extroverted style collar, ideal for rebellious and uncomplicated personalities. Each set includes a necklace for your dog and a matching bracelet for you. This is the ideal female dog collar to attract all the looks of your friends, the game they do together with the bracelet is loved for all. It is quite durable and its colors remain undamaged for a long time.

It’s available in 8 different sizes, so you can be sure to find the perfect fit if your dog or puppy is a small chihuahua or a large Labrador retriever. It is also a product of the FriendshipCollar brand and belongs to the group of vegan dog collars.


• The dog collar and bracelet feature a multi-colored printed pattern design.
• The matching bracelet comes included in the set.
• Matching bracelet is one size fits all (all wrist sizes)
• Animal-friendly vegan leather (PU)


1. Dog or Cat Collar and Matching Bracelet Set Deluxe





A modern and elegant collar for dogs of all breeds. It is the perfect way to show the loving bond between you and your pet. Ideal to use at work, at school, on vacation, in the park, or just to walk the boulevard. Multicolor design printed on super soft vegan leather and respectful of animals. The buckle closure and D-ring are bathed in gold for a luxurious finish. Unisex bracelet adjustable and one size fits all: men, women, and children. The set is available in 8 different sizes, ideal for dogs of all sizes.

Designed by the FriendshipCollar brand, each time you make a purchase the brand donates a percentage of each sale to shelters throughout the US. To help feed hungry homeless animals that have not yet find their best owner. It is also the first pet vegan brand ‘approved by PETA’.


• The matching bracelet comes included in the set.
• Matching bracelet is one size fits all (all wrist sizes)
• Animal-friendly vegan leather (PU).



Well, that was our selection of the best fancy female dog collars, I hope that with these reviews you can clarify your doubts and choose the necklace that best suits your needs. Don’t forget to visit our store to see the best collection of pet collars and harnesses.